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Do you need to have your roof replaced? At Action 1 Roofing, we understand this is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we partner with the best roofing companies in your city to get you the help you need. Our priority is to answer your questions, explain what the process is like, and find you a team that can complete the work with high-quality results. If you’d like to know a little bit more about what a roof replacement means and how it works, the information below can help.

What is Roof Replacement?

A complete roof replacement is more intensive than simply replacing shingles from damage. It involves removing all materials on the roof until the deck has been reached. Once this is complete, new materials can be laid down until the roof is completely covered.

Do You Need a Complete Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement isn’t always necessary, as most roofs can be repaired when they experience damage. However, on roofs that are much older or have been damaged beyond repair, a replacement can become necessary. Once the materials are removed, the roofer will have a chance to repair the damage on the deck so leaks and other issues can be addressed at the root. This will strengthen the roof overall rather than make it look better by simply replacing a few shingles. It’s an important service for roofs that are not in good shape and need some serious work done.

Reasons to Get a New Roof?

  • Storm Damage
  • Roof Reaching End of Life
  • Deterioration
  • Many Leaks Throughout the Roof

Factors That Affect the Price

When homeowners realize they need a roof replacement, their first question is how much it will cost. While the average price is around $3,000 for an average home, there are many factors that can increase costs. You can learn more about the factors that influence the price below.

Roof Size

The larger the roof is, the more labor and materials it will take to complete a full replacement. If you have a large home, you can expect to have a higher estimate than a small home with minimal square footage.


The more difficult it is for a roofer to safely complete a new roofing project, the more it’s going to cost. This is due to the amount of labor and risk it will take to do the work, especially on a roof that has a considerable amount of damage. Difficult jobs are more complex, even for a roofer who has many years of experience.

Pitch & Slope

The pitch and roof of a slope determine the height and angle the roof is raised. If you have a particularly high roof or there are several pitches and slopes, this could cost you more to have replaced. This is because it’s more difficult for roofers to complete these types of jobs, as it increases difficulty and complexity.

# of Stories

Many levels on a home is another factor that adds to the difficulty of installing a new roof. If you have a one-story property, it’s generally easier for the roofer to take materials off and replace them once repairs have been done. However, two or three-story homes can add to the difficulty level and increase the time it takes the job to be completed.


Do you have any customizations that make your roof unique? While these can make your home stand out, they can also add to the cost of a roof replacement. Customizations take more time and generally require more specialized material, so roofers naturally must charge more.


The price of the materials is perhaps one of the biggest factors that will influence the overall cost of a roof replacement. While shingles may be affordable, other materials can cost quite a bit more. Price can also increase if you are thinking about upgrading to a better material, such as switching from shake to tile.

Roof Type

There are many different types of roofs on homes of commercial buildings, although some are more common than others. These include gable, hip, Dutch, mansard, flat, shed, butterfly, gambrel, dormer, and “m” shaped. If you aren’t familiar with the type of roof you have, don’t worry. Your roofer will let you know and can even tell you how the type will impact the price of the replacement.


Labor is another big factor that influences price when it comes to replacing your roof. It’s easy to see why, as this is a dangerous job that comes with quite a bit of risk. A full replacement of an average size roof will take around two or three full days of labor with several roofers doing the job at once. Installation prices can also increase if you have a specialty shape of roof or extreme damage that has to be repaired first.

Re-Roofing vs Roof Replacement

When considering your options for a stronger roof, you’ll see both re-roofing and a roof replacement come up. While these sound similar, they are not the same. You can learn more about the differences between these two services with the information below.


Re-roofing is the more affordable option between the two. That’s because it’s designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of your roof without actually removing the old material. When this is done, roofers lay new shingles over those that are old, damaged, and worn out. This adds protection to the roof to prevent damage while also improving the overall look. This can only be done once, as building codes do not allow for three layers of shingles to be placed on a roof.

Re-Roofing Pros

  • Cost-effective
  • Takes less time than a complete replacement
  • Can improve look and strength of the roof
  • Increase longevity of the roof

Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement is necessary for roofs that have a considerable amount of damage or that have already been re-roofed. When this is done, the roofing materials are completely removed down to the deck. From here, the roofer will apply underlayment followed by the new shingles or your choice of roofing material. If there is existing damage, that will be repaired after the shingles have been removed but before the new underlayment is applied. A complete replacement is the best way to strengthen your roof if it has been damaged and restore the structural integrity of it.

  • Lasts for much longer than re-roofing
  • Will fix all existing damage
  • Can be done on any type of roof
  • Cost-effective when compared to having constant repairs done

How Action 1 Roofing Can Help You Make This Decision


At Action 1 Roofing, we want to help make the choice of a roof replacement easy. Our roofing service team provides excellent service, fair pricing, and in-depth expertise to help you understand more about your particular roof. We’ll walk you through the process of the work that needs to be done and help you get the work done that you need. Although a roof replacement can be a big decision, we’ll help you through it to relieve stress and provide peace of mind.

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